Part of the FOLLOW YOUR SHADOW exhibition at Rosny Barn, Tasmania

A group exhibition of Tasmanian comics and animation artists held at Rosny Barn from October 13th to November 5th 2017.

I exhibited comics featuring Luna and Uniroo as well as a series of models and installations depicting the Luna and Uniroo story world.

Artworks left: Bloom, a prototype hologram and projection mapping installation Moon.


Poster by Vivien Mason featuring images by Scott Baxter, Alyssa Bermudez and Vivien Mason.

Comics series featuring Luna and Uniroo by Vivien Mason


Community Participation

Comics & Character Design Competition

Students 18 years of age and under are also encouraged to pin up their own work as part of the exhibition in our Comics and Character Design Competition. All work submitted will go in the running for a great prize from Area 52 comic book store. Digital entries are welcome here.


This project was assisted through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts.